6 Easy Tips To Set Up An Perfect Indoor Garden

Indoor gardening is a fun hobby, and you don’t need much to get started. Not only that, but it contributes to a healthier, happier home environment.

Weather in many places can be incredibly finicky, so the best thing for some is to garden indoors instead. While it may seem daunting to bring everything inside, indoor gardening is really as simple as gardening outdoors, with the added benefit of being able to spruce it up with stylish designs.

Indoor gardening requires scaling the plants to the size of the available space. A plant that starts off pretty small may eventually overrun the entire garden. For at least the first year, grow smaller plants and herbs.

There are only a very few plants that can be grown indoor and with the right indoor gardening tips, you can be sure to have a little greenery around the house. The following are a few tips on how to set an indoor garden.

how to set up indoor garden

how to set up indoor garden

Choose the Right Space

One limiting thing about growing inside is finding a place to put your plants. Some of the smaller ones, like herbs and tomatoes, can be grown on your windowsill or on a small table. Others will require you to set aside a specific “gardening” area that includes either a large table or a linoleum floor so that if there is runoff from the plants, it will not ruin your home. Shelves are also a great place to put your plants because they provide a lot of space without taking up much room in your house or apartment.

Consider a Lighting System

It is a known fact that plants need appropriate sunlight. Therefore, try and place your plants at positions in your house where they will get the maximum sunlight. For example, next to windows and vents, southern facing windows are the apt places.

Control The Temperature

With the freezing cold temperatures outside and the stifling heat inside, controlling temperature can be more challenging than you may think. The important thing to consider when picking where to place your plants is choosing an area that stays relatively temperate. Somewhere between 65 and 75 degrees is the best for most plants. Though heartier plants can take a little more heat or cold, you will find that those that are grown in too hot a climate will be small and weak, while those that grow in the cold will have trouble turning green, and may lose their leaves early. Use a thermometer to check daily and ensure that your plants are in the right environment.

Selecting The Pots

One of the indoor gardening tips is selecting the right kind of plants and the right kind of pots that can hold these plants. Care should be taken that these pots are not too big in size and that it has a proper drainage system. It should have saucers that will not mess up the place. The materials and designs of the pots also need to be taken into consideration.

Indoor gardening tips

Indoor gardening tips


Plants need a decent amount of humidity, which can be tough when its cold outside and you are running the heat in your home. You know you have a low-humidity problem if the tips of your plants are turning brown or your plants look withered and lose their leaves. To help with this, mist your plants daily or place plants close together to create a microenvironment with a higher humidity. You can also run a humidifier or cover your seeds with a loose plastic bag while they germinate.


The watering for indoor plants is less frequent than outdoor plants. This is one of the important tips that are required on how to set an indoor garden. Check the soil before watering any indoor plants. The soil needs to be dry. The concept being that the roots need to grow in search of water and this will strengthen the plants.

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