Best flowers for balcony garden are those which are easy and flexible to grow and looks beautiful. Here are some of the selected best flowers plants for balcony.

Do you love gardening and have no outdoor space for it in your apartment? No worries, you can still have some flowers for your balcony garden & enjoy its beauty and colors. Your balcony can be a beautiful ornamental corner and an excellent springboard from everyday hustle and bustle, it could be a great place to relax. Selecting the best flowers for balcony garden is an add on. The time you spend in your garden keeps you away from tension and stress, because you are completely lost with the beauty of the flowers.

Choose Perfect Flowers for Your Balcony

Best Flowers for Balcony Garden

Best Flowers for Balcony Garden

Selecting the best flower plants for balcony is an inbuilt quality, though we can provide tips for the same. Another important thing to remember when selecting balcony flowers are the pots in which you keep them. You can select the size and type of pots that best suit your balcony. Also make sure you use the proper manure and keep them fertilised. You can also match the colour of the balcony flowers with the colour of the paint on your balcony walls.


If you grow them in containers we can enjoy them throughout the peninsula, provided that we locate in a shady place and protected from the sun, on the terrace or balcony.


Bromeliads are very elegant flowers with a fantastic display. They are very easy to grow. The distinctive feature of this plant is the cup shaped rosette of leaves that hold water, which nourishes the plant and the flowers emerge from the center.

Margaritas Cape

Cape daisy is native to parts of Africa which has a climate similar to that of the Iberian peninsula. Besides Florance is a very strong, capable, even enduring the salinity of nearshore land plant.


The petunias need abundant and daily watering during flowering, especially in spring and summer. It is important not to wet when watering flowers and avoid doing during the sunniest hours. At the time of flowering is also necessary to fertilize every 15 days with a fertilizer rich in phosphorus.


Roses are always exotic and one of the best flowers for balcony. They have a variety of colours and can grow even in small pots. If you keep them fertilised well, they will come out with all their beauty. Roses have a wide range from very small sizes to very large ones. Select the colour and variety that you like.


The tagete plant is a very striking flower that blooms all summer and gives off a strong odor. They are perfect to avoid pest in tomatoes.

Aromatic plants

There are many types of herbs and culinary plants, and therefore can make different compositions with them. We, this time, we have given greater prominence to the decorative aspect and for this we used metal cans.

Rose Flower for Balcony Gardens

Rose Flower for Balcony Gardens


A beautiful flower, it has thick blue flowers, also comes in white and pink colors. It is a low maintenance plant, suitable for balcony and easy to grow. Lobelia likes full sun, though it can tolerate partial shade. After flowering it should be cut to a length of 6-8 cm to encourage it for further flowering.


Hibiscus is another nature’s beauty ideal & is one of the best flowers for balcony garden. They have glossy, dark green leaves shining behind six inch flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, coral, pink, blue-purple, and white. To keep hibiscus blooming, provide high light. Several hours of direct sun per day are best. Keep the soil evenly moist but not wet.