Fragrant flower types consist of Lavender, Orchid, Roses, Vines, Mint, and Jasmine. Here some of the following list will help you choose some of the most attractive indoor plants for fragrance.

When you talk about your hobby, many of you mention gardening. A little space in front of your house is enough to have some plants of flowers. At the back side of your house you can have a kitchen garden too. But now-a-days, people are living more in apartments. Planting even helps us in different ways like they provides oxygen and purifies the air, colour of flowers also gives us pleasant feel and keep us calm and relaxed. Fragrance of rose, jasmine, basil, lavender, orchid, eucalyptus and many more plants act as a room freshener and keep you alive and full of energy.

Best Indoor Plants for Fragrance

Best Indoor Plants for Fragrance

What is an indoor plant?

There is no such thing as an indoor plant; only a plant that can handle the added stress of growing indoors. After all, indoor living robs plants of most of the elements they need to flourish: rain, fresh air and sunshine. Plants that can survive under a roof usually come from subtropical climates and are accustomed to growing in dappled light conditions.

Fragrant Flowering Plants:


There are hundreds of varieties of Lavender but we normally go for whatever the nursery has available and what smells the best. Known for its clusters of conical purple flowers and its light, sweet aroma, lavender makes a good choice for indoor planting. It tolerates drought well and likes hot, dry conditions. Lavender would do well in a kitchen, family room or other hotspot in the house. Once established, plants need little water; homeowners should only water them about once a month or so, and keep their drip trays emptied. They need lots of light, making them perfect for windowsill decorations.


These I have literally never had any luck with. I buy them, they’re flowering, and then they never flower again. Gardenias require a lot of pampering in order to thrive. Most gardenias need daytime temperatures that are between 68 and 74 degrees, with a steady 60 degrees at nighttime. They also require frequent fertilizing, daily misting, and lots of bright sunlight.


Aromatic plant and jasmine are synonymous. There are Arabian and Star jasmine. These white little flowers can refresh your mood with its lovely fragrance. Place it on the windowsill of your house.


Plumeria is available in various colours as white, orange, yellow, pink and mixtures of shades. These plants grow in warm a bright light, so decorate your balcony or window with it.

Lavender Indoor Plants

Lavender Indoor Plants


The sweet yet strong fragrance of this vine flowers keeps you relax. As this plant grows in vine, use it to decorate your front gate or window of your house.

Paper Whites

Paperwhite narcissus bulbs provide sweet fragrance while in bloom. They are often sold in early winter for inside forcing. Blooms appear several weeks after starting the bulbs. Their white blooms emit a delicate fragrance in the heart of winter that rivals bulbs that bloom in the spring.