Desert landscaping is also very exciting for people who want to help in the noble cause of saving water.

Desert landscaping ideas can be seen in many parts of the world and such landscapes have a unique and unusual beauty, especially to the eye used to lush greenery. Beautiful gardens can exist in the desert, and many desert gardens are incredibly vibrant and full of plant life. The keys to successful desert landscaping are knowledge
and planning. In order to have a lively, functional garden that also has low water and maintenance requirements, you will need to make educated plant and hardscape choices.

Desert Landscaping Ideas:

Easy Landscaping Ideas with Desert Plants

Easy Landscaping Ideas with Desert Plants

Using Native Flora

Native trees and plants yield the greatest results. Mesquite and acacia trees thrive with little water. Arraigning certain plants and grouping the ones that naturally occur will yield the best results. Yellow alyssum flowers are an example of native flora that enjoy sun and therefore are drought resistant.. Aloe Vera, known for its’ medicinal properties is also a good landscaping desert plant.

Playful Forms

There are many different varieties of plants that can thrive in the desert including cacti and succulents. These varied shapes can be mixed together to form unique textures and visual interest among different areas of your yard. Several favorites include aloe vera plants, agaves, and yucca that lend both width and interesting shapes along with more rotund plants like the prickly pear or barrel cactus.

Multi-Sensory Delight

Another popular component to desert landscaping is to include plants that offer pleasant aromas. Flowers and other blossoming plant life can help bring butterflies as well as hummingbirds for observation and delight. The claret cup cactus and pink cosmos are two prime examples that can help attract wildlife.

Grass and Shrubs for Accent

Grass can be used to add some greenery to the landscaping. Even though grassy areas are not usually part of the desert landscape, some grass can help contrast with the sandy rocky areas to supply a unique look. Grass may also keep the soil and sand from washing away by their binding root structures. Sunny perennials are perfect for rock gardens yet require little water and enjoys full sun. Yarrow plants that have feathery foliage can be used as border plants in a flower garden.

Some of the Most Common Varieties:

There are numerous other kinds of desert plants which you’ll easily introduce into your garden. You don’t need to be a horticulture expert to handle this work.

Jumping Cholla Cactus

Jumping Cholla Cactus

Joshua Tree

The Joshua tree, also known as ‘yucca palm’, is a fast-growing variety. It has dark green linear leaves and is a flowering tree. The flowers blossom during February to April.

Jumping Cholla Cactus

The jumping cholla cactus is also known as hanging chain cholla. It’s a plant with a low-branching trunk and drooping branches of chained fruits. This plant bears white and pink flowers that bloom in mid-summer.

Bottle Brush

Bottle brush is really a perennial plant with a good drought-resisting capacity. They are widely available with a huge variety and sport beautiful flowers many times in a year. They are a good choice for planting near a drip system or ponds.