Here are some quick and easy ideas for garden party decorations that will brighten up any festive occasion in a flash.

The garden party ideas below are inspired by the rustic beauty of an English country garden and incorporate all the wonderful flavours and smells of herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers into the food and drink, table styling and decorations.

Outdoor Garden Party Idea and Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Garden Party Idea and Outdoor Entertaining

Planning the Party

A garden party can easily be done up with affordable lights and candles kept at appropriate places. Put on some soft and soothing music that can set the mood. Garden parties are fun and everything starting from the decorations, the menu and the party games can bring a smile and add some cheer. As a host or hostess you just need to ensure that your guests have a wonderful and relaxed time at your party. In the event you do not have any garden party decoration ideas, you should take time to read the following paragraphs.

Garden party flowers

Everything in the garden is a balance between time and money. If you have the money, get a professional florist to do the flowers as it will save you a lot of work.If you’re on a tight budget, do the flowers yourself. But set aside a realistic amount of time. Party flowers take a long time to pick, buy and arrange, so allow at least a whole day.


Lots of top cocktail mixologists use herbs to compliment fruit based cocktails, so don’t be afraid to bring the flavours of the garden into your drinks. Below are some cocktail recipes to compliment these garden party ideas.


Think about what foods are in season and really try to capture the flavours of the garden by creating an earthy menu that uses lots of fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and edible flowers. Try to make sure every dish incorporates at least one of these in a significant way and before you know it your menu will start to bring these garden party ideas to life.


No party is complete without the latest Summer sounds. Fill the air with chilled out tunes and dance through the day and night! With the Bayan Soundscene Speakers you won’t have to worry about them getting ruined as they are specifically designed for the outdoors.


Some lovely tableware can really set the scene for Summer indulgence. We have a lovely range of tableware including wooden salad bowls and serving trays that will add that extra stylish zing to your dining space. These delightful tapas bowls, made from acacia wood, are perfect for sides and dips.