A great addition to any home landscaping can be a number of different styles of water features, including pool-side additions.

A garden design landscape for water feature can suit any garden style, garden size, or gardener’s time commitment. If you’re considering adding a landscape water feature or expanding one you already have, get inspired with our guide to landscape water features. Water feature is one or more items from a range of fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams that is part of landscaping and garden design. Water features for landscaping could create a different environment for the home’s yard. It can add a soft touch to the hard textures around it like rocks, ceramics, marble and others. With the variety of water features that one can choose from, it would be a bit confusing as to which one will best fit in your home.

Types of Water Features for the Landscape Design

Simple Landscape Design With Water Features

Simple Landscape Design With Water Features

There are several types of water fountains and elements that you can add. The following are among the most popular:


A container water fountain can provide you with many color and size options in a very reasonable price. Almost any container could be modified to become beautiful water feature. Containers are wonderful if your landscaping space is limited, but also work well in large spaces.

Water fountains

There are an unlimited number of water fountain designs for ponds and water fountains. Moreover, the fountains don’t need to shoot water upward. Water can flow over or from walls, out decorative faucets and even gently spill out of rocks.

Coy Ponds/Fish Ponds

Much like a water fall, using a beautifully and professionally built coy or fish pond can furthermore connect your house landscaping with nature directly. From fish varieties to sizing and water flow, you can get creative and work with your local landscaper to see what type of breeds suit our northern region best.

Asian inspiration

Create a water feature the central attraction in a landscape design. Produce a large pond in the center of your landscape and surround it with decks. Incorporate aquatic plants and enormous stepping stones to add interest.

Water Features for the Landscape Design

Water Features for the Landscape Design

Mosaic Water Wall

The focal point of these artistic water features is the vertical mosaic wall surfaces that sheets of water flow over. Aesthetically, they add either a classic or abstract touch to any backyard water feature through the use of color and pattern.

Landscaping Space and Lot Considerations

A water feature can easily overpower a landscape design or be a mere afterthought. Choose a feature that’s large enough to enjoy, but gives you enough space to operate in your garden and entertain your friends and relatives. Also, consider the slopes and bumps inside your lot. Depending on the type of feature that you would like, you may have to excavate, flatten or develop the land.

Plants and Decorative Items

Water features that have plants and fish inside them are harder to maintain than those that don’t. When planning your feature, determine how long that you have to maintain it and the factors that you add. In some cases, you may take advantage of hiring a landscape contractor and style expert to perform the necessary regular maintenance.