A Spanish style landscape is all about warmth and colors, which give it a unique look.

Spanish garden design was strongly influenced by the renowned Islamic, Persian and Moorish gardens. Originating in Spain, this style is now popular all over the world, especially in areas with a similar hot, dry climate. The Spanish combined the powerful elements of their influences and perfected the principle of separating spaces or rooms within the garden layout.

Spanish Style Landscaping Ideas

Spanish Style Landscaping Ideas

With this particular landscaping idea for your yard, you will be able to make your home look beautiful on the exterior. Moreover, this idea will make the region around your house to feel cool, calming, and provide you with such a private retreat protected from the hot weather. This is what you will find in Spanish landscaping ideas. The following description will give you further details about the landscaping ideas and how to get it.

Plant Materials

Filled with citrus, palms, evergreens and grapevines, Spanish-style landscaping features plants adapted to hot, dry summers and mild winters. Herbs like lavender, rosemary and sun-loving flowers such as roses and daisies are also common in Spanish landscaping style.


Bold colors belong inside a Spanish landscape. Try a combination of turquoise, orange and red or yellow, cobalt blue and green. Flowers don’t bloom in turquoise, so use that color in fabrics and pottery. Spray several pots in turquoise for any cohesive look. Lantana (Lantana trifoliata), bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra) and hibiscus (Hibiscus acetosella) thrive in warm climates.

Architectural Elements

Courtyards, mission bells, arches and wrought iron all have their place in a Spanish-style landscape. For example, use a wrought iron gate under an arch at the entrance to your front yard to welcome guests. Create a courtyard by surrounding a patio with waist high stucco walls. Add a fireplace to extend the use of the patio into the
evenings. Hang wrought iron chandeliers from the overhead beams of the ramada.


water are extremely important in the Spanish design. Getting their influence from Islamic gardens, the Spanish design differs by consisting of multiple small fountains throughout rather than one large fountain in the center of each outdoor room or courtyard.