Modern trends in backyard landscaping and garden design blend the art and nature, reflecting new trends in architecture and design, bringing new technologies and creating beautiful outdoor living spaces.

As 2015 heats up, we continue to see a rising demand to make ordinary backyards extraordinary and luxurious, with homeowners typically favoring two distinct approaches Modern luxury backyards cropped up all over the place, filled with elegant yet simplistic water features, dramatic fire feature focal points, and cozy nesting furniture in crisp monochromatic tones, while negative edge pools continued to grow in popularity.Homeowners favoring a more naturalistic style drew inspiration from curvaceous pools and travertine patios also ruled in 2015.whether you want to lounge poolside, plant an organic garden or host an evening soiree. Below we have compiled a list of the 7 most prominent trends for backyard landscape design.

Backyard Landscaping Trends 2015

Backyard Landscaping Trends 2015

Blended gardens

Rather than growing ornamental plants only inside your garden, you can mix these dazzling plants with edibles. This allows you to create a breathtaking garden and you’ll also get all the herbs, fruit and veggies that you need for your home and family rather than purchasing them which helps you save a lot of money. You can also share a number of your bountiful harvest together with your neighbors to strengthen your relation with them.

Drought-tolerant plants to save water

Save water, time and money through growing drought-tolerant plants that are suitable for different seasons especially summer and don’t require a lot of water. This type of plants is not chosen just for saving water and money, but it’s also used for creating a fascinating garden that may endure difficult conditions.

Functional fabrics and comfy furniture

You can turn your backyard right into a permanent living space in which you can spend much of your time the same as you do in your home at any time you want without being limited to a specific season thanks to the new perfect materials and fabrics which are especially manufactured for the backyard furniture. You can enjoy the new fabrics that are really comfortable because they are made from acrylic fibers, are waterproof and fade-resistant causing them to be ideal for different seasons throughout the year.

Knife-Edge Pools

Also known as “Lautner” knife-edge pools, slot-edge pools, wet edge pools and perimeter pools, this type of pool has water that sits in the same level as the pool deck and flows right into a slot edge at the pool’s perimeter to produce a mirror-surface effect. Similar in look to infinity pools, knife-edge pools turning up more often in luxury pool applications. Since these designs are more complicated and require extensive knowledge of hydraulic systems and construction methods, deciding on the best pool builder is key. As you’re vetting builders, if they have experience in Lautner-edge pool construction. These types of pool also require different maintenance and repair protocols than standard pools.

Creative swimming pools

Creative swimming pools

Open to all rooms

The yard was created before to be open to just a few rooms inside the house but the new backyard trends arrived at change this and make the yard available to most of the rooms in the house if it’s not all of them which makes us care much more about the design of the yard and exactly how we decorate it to enhance the interior design of our homes.

Creative swimming pools

When the yard is large in its size and wish to consume this large space, you’ll be able to create one of the awesome and weird swimming pools that can transform the yard into another fascinating place that enables you and your children to enjoy your time and effort in especially during the summer months.