Rocks Can Be a Beautiful Aspect of Your Landscaping when Designed with Balance and a Plan

While they may not be your first consideration when planning your landscape, rocks add visual interest as well as serving a practical purpose. Rocks can be a focal point of a garden design, as well as add vertical or horizontal appeal. Landscape rocks can also be used for pathways, as a mulch and to help with drainage. You can use one type of rock in your design or a mix of different kinds, depending on your needs and preferences.

Uses and Types of Rock Landscaping to Your Garden a Natural Look

Uses and Types of Rock Landscaping to Your Garden a Natural Look

Below are a few of our favourite uses of rock landscaping:

Preventing Erosion

You may use boulders or rocks if you have an erosion issue to stop your garden being affected by heavily rain. Consider how large you would like the rocks to become and how high you would like to make your wall in order to customise the way that your gardens looks. To make sure that the wall is safe and won’t give into pressure we advise using mortar to seal the stones together.

Create a Path

Consider creating a path out of pebble stones or stones. You can lay the rocks over a current path or hire a landscaper to shape and structure the appearance of the path.

Eliminating Puddles

If your yard has a tendency to accumulate puddles after rain, consider transforming them right into a permanent pond feature. You should use rocks to shape and sercure the contents of the puddle. Alternatively you are able to fill in the puddle using topsoil and decorate it with rocks.

You can then even surround the plot having a border of larger rocks, put a good inch of pea gravel over the dirt and plant some plants.

Be Creative

There are lots of other great ways to use rock landscaping on your lawn. Think about using rock landscaping to produce twisting walkways, multi-coloured borders, raised gardens beds produced from shallow stone enclosures and creating stone features through the greenery of your garden.